Aim Definition

Creativity & Technology

Our aim is to produce and present technical or advertising information across a very wide range of media. Our customers are enterprises that want to present themselves or their products and services clearly, perfectly and also simply well.


Words are a part of the information –
Talent is a part of the genius

The documentation is a complete and advantageous specification of a product.
The only disadvantage is often the great distance between the front page and the last page.


People speak different languages around the world
but they see and understand the same pictures

Visualisation is the optimum solution for presenting advertising and technical information in an understandable way. Features, mode of operation and associated action steps can be shown in a clear and an easy‐to‐understand way.

Digital Mania

That Internet thing's just a phase

Keeping the goal in view and staying one step ahead of the continuous change in digital publication instead of just keeping up with it. The wide world of websites, Apps and highly-complex Internet applications – the Digital Mania.

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Signum Dokumentation & Visualisierung GmbH

Unter den Hecken 70
41539 Dormagen

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Managing Director:
Ralf Zwang
Commercial Register:
Neuss Local Court
Registration Number:
HRB 8615

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